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A man checks in at a hotel at the end of the day, then walks into a few bistros and bars where he eats and drinks to excess. He then returns to the hotel where he falls asleep and dream's tumultuously.

Director's Statement:

Here are an endless number of reasons why Japan marks the minds of travelers who visit it. For me, one of them lies in the uniqueness of each of the small establishments that make up the big cities. Many bistros, for example, have existed for several decades and represent the life project of an owner working there all by himself, without any employee. We generally find in these tiny places: a clientele of regular customers, an entire decor in the image of the man or the woman in charge, exceptional food and an extreme attention to hospitality. All of this tends to create a warm and immersive atmosphere. When a foreigner leaves such a place, he feels a sort of supreme satisfaction towards his traveling expectations followed by an immediate nostalgia. However, this state of mind can change very quickly. It only takes an eye-catching sign, laughter passing through sliding doors or tantalizing scents to decide to step into a new microcosm. Too often, armed with reasonable intentions, I got carried away by a night's galore where I ended up drinking and eating too much. Capsule Feast tells this story which, to me, repeated itself throughout major Japanese cities.
Frédéric Lacroix-Loiselle
Frédéric Lacroix-Loiselle
Frédéric Lacroix-Loiselle
21 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
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