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Raphael is a teenager that lives like many teenagers, wandering through time, waiting for something exciting to happen. Until Juliette, a girl that he sees every summer, leads him to search with her for a wild beast that she has seen lurking around the village over these past several years. Their adventure will become a initiatory journey, for these two lives lost between adolescence and adulthood.

French with English subtitles.

Director's Biography:

Jean-Charles Charavin is a young director from Montpellier in the south of France. He fell in love with cinema and images at a very young age. He graduated from l’ESEC, in Paris where he mets Ian Hurtado and Antoine Olla with whom he launched Incendie Films in 2017. Whether it's in his short movies, music videos or commercials, his search for cinematographic
inspiration and his desire for storytelling makes him a truly unique director.
Jean-Charles Charavin
Jean-Charles Charavin, Miliana Perrier
Antoine Olla
18 Minutes
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