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When the alert goes out for a lost elderly man, it sets into motion more than just a search.

Carl Anderson, a WWII veteran, reads in his morning paper about a parcel of land that the city has deemed worthless and sells the land to a developer. Realizing the land was his old farm, Mr. Anderson escapes from his nursing home to go see his farm one last time before it is turned into a shopping center.

When found by Deputy Garcia, then men quickly develop a bond through their service in the military. The Captain of the police force, a non-veteran, could care less about anything but bringing Mr. Anderson in and moving with the day.

Deputy Garcia defies orders and the battle between the two is heard across local scanners.

While Mr. Anderson relays the farms history to Deputy Garcia; little does he know what is taking place across the community. Veterans hearing the battle on the radio scanners, jump into action and come to have Mr. Anderson’s back or 6.

This movie was written with two themes in mind: 1. There is not a price we can put on the amount of history of love, loss and hard work that goes into a farm. 2. No matter how alone veterans may feel at times, there is an entire force that has their “6” and will be there for them when needed.
Bill Foster
Bill Foster
Bill Foster
19 Minutes
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