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Inspired by the events of the Radium Girls in the 1920’s, a woman’s body is taken through the motions of repetitious work and fatal radium exposure. As the bones absorb the green light, first with wonder and then resistance, the destabilizing effects sabotage the body, one fragment at a time.

Choreographer and dancer: Melissa McCracken.

Director's Biography:

Born in Orange, in France, Axel came to Montreal when he was 2 years old. He completed a master in Film Production at the Concordia University in 2020, where he directed his first short film, Après l’apéro (2019), which got selected by the Rendez-Vous Québec Cinéma, and his second, Épisolaire (2021).
Axel Robin
Melissa McCracken
8 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
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