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Switch is a coming of age film that follows the story of Blue Bazuaye, the child of Nigerian immigrants, as he navigates his suburban community in Bel-Air and his parents homeland, Nigeria. Set in Los Angeles and Lagos, this film examines the identities we assume, in the names of self-preservation or assimilation, while illuminating the variety in black experiences globally. Switch aims to contextualize racial identity in an era where children feel pressure to both accept and deny their roots simultaneously.

Director's Biography:

Uche Uba (Stanford 15', B.A. Film/Human Biology) is a Filmmaker, Actor, and Creative Producer based in Los Angeles. He is known for Lifetime Movie Network’s My Crazy Ex and The Zim, winner of Best Film at the L.A. International Film Festival. He has also produced / directed advertorial video for Hollywood's The Sayers Club as well as for the LA-based new media artist collective "Cashmir," of which he is a founder. Uba has an innate ability for storytelling, whether through acting, writing or directing. He believes in the power of story to reinvent minds and conjure empathy, operating from the motivating principle that now is the perfect time to teach our world how to save itself.
Uche Uba
The Cashmir Collective
50 Minutes
U.S.A., Nigeria
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