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How to fight far right, fascist and nazi ideas that are contaminating institutions all over Europe? In this award-winning film, the story of the trial against Greek neonazi party Golden Dawn that lasted more than 5 years is one of the answers.

Director's Statement:

Back in 2009 when I started shooting the documentary Golden Dawn a personal affair, I was wondering what was the nature of this party that was rapidly growing in Greece and had made its entry into the municipal council of Athens. Five years later when I finished the movie, Golden Dawn had become the third political force of the country. Then the question that puzzled me was why certain Greeks still voted for this entity despite the running trial, despite all the revelations ? What is going on in the mind of the next door neo-nazi?

What I try to figure out today is : how to resist? How to get organized ? Which means to use? How to make a stand against nazi ideology that is on the rise all over Europe, against fascism that has become almost common place and the Far Right whose ideology is present in the majority of Parliaments when not outright governing. In other words – is democracy able, not stop, but to crush, to eradicate, to annihilate Nazism and Fascism without bending its own principles?
Angelique Kourounis
Angelique Kourounis
117 Minutes
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