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Apache artist Keane is forced into a desperate mission to find a job before a crucial deadline passes and his dreams evaporate, all while navigating family stresses, enemies from his past, and an unpredictable old car.

Produced on location in the San Carlos Apache Reservation and the neighboring city of Globe, Arizona, this independent feature explores the extraordinary beauty and the unique challenges of these two communities, and the scorching ribbon of highway that connects them.

Director's Statement:

Apache Leap was born of the shared vision and commitment of an entire community who seeks to see itself represented with all the nuance and beauty that the San Carlos Apache Reservation contains. The entire main cast--as well as the majority of production crew members--is comprised of tribal members.

In order to prepare for production, the producers raised funds to create the Native Arts Film Academy, an intensive training module open to young adults with an interest in working on the film. Ultimately, there were nine graduates of that program who were hired by the production as crew in the camera, sound, art, and production departments.

As director, this structure of complete inclusivity in our production was absolutely essential and remains my most favored element of the production. Apache Leap is truly a family affair, and the film is textured with the pride of a community eager to share a glimpse of itself with the world.
Christian Rozier
Christian Rozier, John Lewis Tandy
Selina Marie Curley, Carrie Sage Curley, Douglas Miles Sr.
84 Minutes
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