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When we grieve, we grieve alone. What does this dark forest of emotional isolation do to someone who unknowingly had it all - comfort, companionship, stability - and lost it?

Many of us have had to face isolation, loss and grief in one form or another during this pandemic, which is what we chose to explore in the writing of this film. The setting of the piece is post-war America, often referred to as the “golden era” of our country, a creative choice we made to magnify the loss of “the American Dream” we face today.

Director's Biography:

This is Henry’s directorial debut. His fascination with filmmaking and storytelling started at a very young age, when he would make movies in the backyard with his friends. Henry has spent the last five years in Los Angeles honing his craft, gaining creative experience as a photographer and set designer. His stylistic inspirations are Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, and Robert Eggers.
Henry James
Henry James, Hannah Hartman
Henry James, Hannah Hartman, Joseph Adivari
17 Minutes
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