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Terre is a stop-motion animation short-film that navigates through different landscapes. Intertwining bright childhood nostalgia with melancholic visuals, Terre acknowledges the anxieties provoked by the transformations of Acadian landscapes. By using imaginary, fragmented, and repetitive scenes, the Richard sisters depict past and present moments to highlight their unforgettable sense of home.

Directors' Biography:

Based in Moncton, Angie and Tracey Richard are multi-disciplinary artists. Their work has been presented at several festivals in Moncton as well as in Paris, Lafayette(Louisiana), Halifax and Montréal. Their are also active member in Moncton’s visual art scene with their collaborative work group Collectif HAT. Tracey's background includes a degree in classical music as well as studies in psychology, photography, digital arts and religious sciences. Angie's background includes a degree in visual arts and she recently worked as assistant to the director of the artist run center Galerie Sans Nom.
Tracey Richard, Angie Richard
Tracey Richard, Angie Richard
Collectif HAT
4 Minutes
Moncton, Canada
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