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Three one one is a visual exploration of how intricately and beautifully connected people’s lives are. Starting at an apartment building at sunrise, the film takes the audience through windows and walls into living spaces and rooftops, but banality starts to take a different shape and form as we move from each vignette to the next. The residents, although unaware, play a role in the surrealist logic: one man’s mindless actions make up the world of another.

Director's Statement:

Rachel Bavaresco, a Brazilian 2D Animator living in Brooklyn, NY, who graduated in 2021 from Pratt Institute with a B.F.A. in 2D Animation and a Minor in Art History, takes inspiration from her own boredom, which allows her to daydream and come up with characters and scenarios, most of which don’t end up making the leap from mind to paper. When she has her feet in the real world, she takes inspiration from the works of animators Reka Bucsi and Angela Stempel, and artists Walt Peregoy and Mary Blair. She is also heavily influenced by non-sequential art and abstract animations. Her film 311 (three one one) came forth as an idea to explore the limitations of being within a commonplace space such as an apartment building, and finding beauty and fun in that.

311 (three one one) seeks to introduce the audience to a fun and wacky world in which apartment complex residents all play a role in a surreal but linear storyline. The film works as Rachel’s exploration of the aesthetics and visuals that made her fall in love with art in the first place: the colors and sounds and objects and details that make the commonplace worth daydreaming about. It also invited the viewer to question the connection between the lives of people around them: one woman opens a window and lets her plants flow out into the daylight and to the world, all while another cuts those same roots and lets them fall down to the floor; a man pours water into a cup, which becomes another’s entire world.
Rachel Bavaresco
4 Minutes
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