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In Quebec, as everywhere around the world, the Spring of 2020 was drastically changed by the Covid 19 pandemic. I decided to make the most of this extraordinary period by putting the disruption caused to the season of rebirth into images in a short animated film. Using my scanner to animate an assortment of flowers gathered from my neighbourhood and objects from my daily life allowed me to cast a distanced and light-hearted eye at this anxiety inducing global situation. The black, rectangular surface of the scanner is the sole backdrop of the film, like a representation of our confinement within four walls.

Director's Biography:

COTB alum and award-winner Sarah Seené is a French visual artist based in Montréal (Quebec, Canada). Working primarily in 35mm, Super 8 and Polaroid film, she focuses attention on the face, the body and the human being to create a dreamlike and poetic world in which intimacy is central.

Seené also writes poetry, which she integrates into her photographic and moving image works.

Her photographs have been exhibited in a number of solo and group exhibitions in Europe and North America. She has been published in several magazines and has photographed French and Quebecois singers and musicians.
Sarah Seené
Sarah Seené
Sarah Seené
4 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
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