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Even in chaos there’s beauty... In order for a flower to bloom from a seed, the seed must be buried in the earth’s dark soil.

It must crack open so the roots can grow. Giving the flower nourishment and stability to blossom.

As the world deals with the coronavirus pandemic, "AN INTIMATE LOOK COVID-19" is a documentary highlighting the beauty and resiliency of the human spirit. Giving an insight to what the world is facing as a whole through personal stories with the hope of bringing "us" closer together.

Through COVID I’m watching our society learn to blossom. We are the seeds. COVID is the soil. How we transform depends on us. Through these stories I hope to give nourishment to ensure we all blossom.

So many times we are looking for a hero and we miss the hero inside.

Director's Biography:

After almost ten years of acting in other people’s films, COTB alum and award-winner, Melinda decided to make her own films; films spoken from her heart, told in the voices of those who are featured in her films. Melinda is interested in making films that examine important social issues while giving a voice for those who are suffering from the pain of social injustices.

In March 2016 she received the Right Now Today Humanitarian Award for her work on “Asylum”. Melinda’s first film. A narrative short that looks at mental trauma brought on by sexual domestic violence. It was awarded Best Narrative Short at the 2018 Cinema On the Bayou Film Festival. “Bound” a music video she directed received Best Music Video at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival in 2017. “Stories of Us: Camp Second Chance” a documentary looking at the homeless crisis premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival to two sold out screenings at and won the Audience Choice Award at the 2019 Tacoma Film Festival.
Melinda Raebyne
Melinda Raebyne
Melinda Raebyne
23 Minutes
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