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Jacky Cortes, an Indigenous Bribri guide, lives and breathes pride in her Indigeneity. The Bribri have persevered through generations of colonial interference - and the young generation is looking to their elders and traditions in order to rescue and preserve their roots. The sacred chocolate ritual embodies a Bribri matriachical tradition of ceremonial preparation, and a commodity to die for.

Natalie Clifford lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, and makes her directorial debut with Roots of Gold.

Director's Statement:

From a young age, I witnessed and was victim of blatant racism toward the Mi’kmaw. The public attitude toward my heritage cast a cloud over my understanding of what it meant to be Indigenous - sometimes, I was sad, and embarrassed. But the things others said about Indigenous people didn't reconcile in my head - my first hand experience of my grandparents and community was beautiful, rich, and something to be celebrated. I think everyone deserves to know how special Indigenous values and culture are. Indigenous spirit and experiences are connected around the world, and by coming together to share stories, we all become stronger.
Natalie Clifford
Natalie Clifford
Natalie Clifford
18 Minutes
Nova Scotia, Canada
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