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Fumi Aijima, an editor of a food magazine “Weaving Days”, is under relentless pressure from her boss, Minazuki. Her “stress gauge” is at its limit. She suffers from dysgeusia and has to shovel down food covered in seasonings. She’s almost exploding. One day, Kayoko Yoshimura, an essayist whom Fumi adores comes to her company. When Fumi heard that Kayoko was a fan of her article “Farmland Restaurant”, she was delighted until she knew Minazuki stole the credit… Finally, Fumi’s rage outbursts!

Director's Biography:

Born in Osaka in 1995. Studied filmmaking under Banmei Takahashi and Yoshiho Fukuoka at Kyoto University of the Arts, Department of Film Production. Her graduation project “Limbo Dispatch” which she directed and wrote a screenplay for won a PFF Award 2018 and a grand prize at the 19th Tama New Wave. After graduation, she worked as an assistant director for Yuya Ishii. She currently works as an assistant director for films, dramas and documentaries while working actively as a filmmaker.
Sakura Ueki
Sakura Ueki
Takayuki Matsutani
30 Minutes
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