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When just a small child, Teresa has to face the disappearance of her best friend, Lucas. After many years and without having forgotten him, Teresa begins to have a hunch that Lucas is alive, but in another dimension. Little by little and guided by her own intuition, she will gradually unveil the path towards the place where she can find her friend… Music will be a strong ally… Will she dare to leave everything behind to go and look for him?

Director's Biography:

Carol Butrón has been recognized in different Spanish media as a multidisciplinary artist, given that she writes, directs, acts and composes the music in her projects, understanding cinema as a creative universe in which everything is connected.

She was born in Madrid in 1986, and she was brought up in Galicia, where she began to act in plays with different companies from the age of nine, taking part in numerous awards.

During adult life she has trained in different disciplines, she has a Degree in Audiovisual Communication and History from the University of Salamanca and she also has a Master’s Degree in Journalism. Also, she has followed different acting courses in schools such as Theatre for the People and the Instituto del Cine de Madrid and she has studied scriptwriting at la Factoría del Guion.

As a director, she has done different short films in the field of fiction and non-fiction. Her previous fiction project, “SHIT”, achieved different international selections, amongst which it was selected at the Gijón International Film Festival.

Her latest project, “FAITH”, is an ambitious short film about a story of friendship between two parallel universes. It has gestated for almost three years with the participation of professionals and artists of note from different countries and the soundtrack was created by the renowned producers Brian Hunt and Juan Diego Gosálvez.

Carol Butrón
Carol Butrón
Carol Butrón
19 Minutes
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