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Based off of a true life experience, PAP TRAP is a short "gyne-comedy" about a pill poppin' party girl in search of her next fix, only to find herself in the middle of a well woman exam gone wrong.

Director's Biography:

Rachel lives in Fort Worth, TX, working as a freelance filmmaker. She has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from National University and studied Radio-Television-Film at University of Texas.

Director's Statement:

The story came from an actual experience I had getting a pap smear. The OBGYN and her assistant were unsure of the tools they were using and didn't bother to lower their voices. In fact, no one talked to me. Then they began discussing lunch while the doctor was inside of me! I immediately went home with the idea of for a script.

This short was a beautiful collaboration of DFW creatives and am pleased to call the cast and crew my friends after shooting locally in Fort Worth, Texas.
Rachel Napolitano
Rachel Napolitano
Rachel Napolitano, Bridgette Mitchell
6 Minutes
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