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After environmental collapse confines people indoors, survivors cling on to the past through a digital recreation of the cities of yesterday. Every day, Zack chases the same elusive jogger, a programmed background character modeled after a woman he used to know.

Director's Biography:

Alexandre Mullen has been making movies since the day he convinced all of his friends to spend their Saturday dressed as ninjas in his sweaty basement. Surprised to learn that it takes more than an afternoon to shoot a feature film, he starts on a path that leads him to study filmmaking at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. He earns his stripes by shooting a lifetime’s worth of regional car commercials, where he learns to be creative and resourceful. After festival success for his shorts Chasing Death and CTRL-Z, he turns to long-form writing, reaching the finals of renowned international screenwriting competitions. Inspired by filmmakers such as James Cameron and Mike Flanagan, he makes movies that are both big and intimate, where the otherworldly is a vector of genuine emotion. Still hell-bent on accomplishing his childhood dream, he is currently writing his first feature film, which he’ll probably shoot in more than an afternoon.

Director's Statement:

It’s hard to look forward when everything that makes you feel alive is written in past tense. So you start chasing ghosts. You pretend you’re looking for answers, but you just want to wallow in the memories. When I wrote Remanent, I saw it in society as a whole. Stubbornly looking at the world through blinders. Binging on nostalgia while our environmental carelessness was jeopardizing our future. But most of all, I felt it within myself. That feeling that I had lost that flame that warmed my soul, and that I’d do anything to warm myself on the embers of my memories.Maybe I wrote it to exorcize myself from that state. Or maybe I needed a better excuse to live in the past.
Alexandre Mullen
Alexandre Mullen
Alexandre Mullen
10 Minutes
Quebec, Canada
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