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Accordions Rising Is a documentary feature film about the resurgence of interest in accordion music over the last 30-40 years. Although many continue to see the accordion as the stodgy instrument of a bygone era - and accordion jokes abound - this film sets the record straight. Accordions have returned, not only with amusement, but with a beautiful, eloquent, haunting, and downright exciting vengeance!

The film is the story of the variety, diversity and extraordinary virtuosity of the instrument and the music that it can make. Touching on its history but focusing on the present, the film offers entertaining and conversational style interviews, anecdotal commentary and both formal and informal music performance examples from celebrated accordionists, composers and bands (mostly New York based but with cameo appearances of a New Orleans based musician, Bruce Sunpie Barnes, and some California based musicians, Frank Petrilli, Lou Fanuchhi), working and performing in America today. The film provides quite a tapestry of fascinating individuals, their attitudes, deep passions, and above of all else, profound dedication to the instrument.
We learn that though still a rebellious lot, these music makers have an audience, in fact, in some of the hippest hide-a-ways and most sought after mainstream venues. The film includes an interview with Lafayette's own Philip Gould.

Roberta Cantow will attend the film screening.
Roberta Cantow
Roberta Cantow
74 Minutes
1/23/16 2:45pm at Cité des Arts
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