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In this award-winning crime thriller, a policeman on patrolling duty is asked to investigate a doctor’s house nearby, from where a woman’s repeated screams have been heard. The doctor does not let him into the house, insisting that it was his wife screaming due to an injection and that everything is normal. The policeman’s suspicions are not allayed, especially when neighbors claim they have often heard the wife’s screams but have never seen her. The next morning, the policeman finds the doctor in the police station filing a missing report of his wife. The quaint little misty hill town of Rimtik is shaken when the policeman starts to dig deep into the doctor’s unusual life.

English and Bengali, Hindi and Napali with English subtitles.

The filmmaker will attend the film screening.

Arka Ganguly
Aka Ganguly
Arka Ganguly
116 Minutes
1/26/17 7:00pm at Vermilionville
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