Our collective past is not without strong women; it's without space for these women to thrive. This experimental film pays homage to the women who sweated through their limitations, who sweated through the male gaze, and who sweated without pay. They worked towards liberation in a subtle way: they raised daughters who, with every passing generation, worked towards feminist equality.

Director's Statement:

I started making short films at Saint Scholastica Academy in Covington, LA and since then have moved away to graduate with a degree in Video and Sound art. I have found myself performing around the US and internationally and now reside in California. Being so far away from Louisiana is definitely a challenge, I always seem to find a way to add elements of the south in my work. I worked with Jenna Spagnolo, the poet who stars in the film, to create this video in order to pay homage to the women who came before us and who fought for our freedom of expression.
Michele Rose Seippel
Jenna Spagnolo
Michele Rose Seippel
3 Minutes
1/26/17 2:45pm at Cité des Arts
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