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Virginity and Beyond is a video installation that interprets people’s first-time sexual experiences ranging from a kiss to love making. The visuals are abstractions created by mixing liquids, such as milk, oil, soap water, glow stick liquid and more, presented as wall projections. The installation tries to recreate and reawaken in people their highly-charged/engaged and intense moments of first-time experiences.

Director's Statement:

As a new media artist, I listen, I observe, I feel and I reconstruct people’s experiences. Scrutinizing and then reinterpreting their behavior in a different medium or mediums allows me to understand a person’s character from an alternate perspective. The challenge is always to see beyond and under the surfaces. I want to add psychological and emotional insights in the process. I want to explore cognitive systems from multiple angles. Remixing what I have heard, felt, and seen creates a personal visual language for viewers to think, feel and digest in new ways.

Because I rely on my intuition which is fluid and uncertain, I often use liquid materials to express my artistic sensibility. My work comes from deep meditation. It is not merely for viewers, but also for myself. It is a learning curve of life for me as an artist and as a man.
Yuhao Chang
4 Minutes
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