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When it’s Christmas time in Texas, all things are possible as long as there is a chance of snow. The Walsh family is going through a lot of changes this year, and it makes for a bleak holiday when the family issues all come to a head on this snow-less Christmas. The family needs a little help from ol’ St. Nick if they’re going to stay together.

Cast: Jae McCain, Alyssia Rivera, Shelby Cullinan, Alejandro Patino, Hoyt Richards.

Romantic family comedy.

Director's Biography:

After serving in the United States Army, James attended the University of Texas at Austin where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Radio, Television and Film and a Bachelor of Arts in History. It was at UT that James started to focus on writing and directing as his career path. It was at UT that he wrote his first three feature length scripts, Littlefield, Eden’s Valley and Falling Home. James' writing has been recognized by several writing competitions and film festivals.

In 2007, James, Chris Copple, Jessica Bybee and Nathan Bybee formed Twitchy Dolphin Flix, a micro budget film company in Austin, Texas. They work hard to deliver movies of all genres, using the creative freedom that comes with their autonomy and helping to develop a viable indie film industry in Austin, Texas, where James continues to reside. Since starting Twitchy Dolphin Flix, James has directed fifteen independent features.
James Christopher
James Christopher
James Christopher
91 Minutes
U.S.A. - Texas
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1/25/19 2:30pm at Cité des Arts
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