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Described as a cross between "Clerks" and "Entourage," this multi-award winning drama takes an unfiltered look at a real-life filmmaking team as they struggle to break down the doors of Hollywood.

Cast: Lauren Holly, Yuji Okumoto, Tami Stronach, Nicholas Gyeney.

Director's Statement:

"Ultra Low" is a unique narrative that takes an unorthodox approach to a classic adventure story by placing the real people who lived the story right into the film, recreating the very experiences that brought them to where they are today. By capitalizing on the actual story with many of the actual people involved, "Ultra Low" becomes more than just a film, and creates a sort of ‘Meta Cinematic Universe’ for the work we’ve all made and the people involved that made them. If the film catches on with audiences, suddenly there is an entire encyclopedia of information for them to dive into, seeking out past films and ventures from everyone involved, which ultimately will enrich the experience of "Ultra Low" itself.

With a structure designed to establish the world and characters in a slow burn narrative, the film ultimately brings everything full circle for a grand finale. With veteran actors like Lauren Holly (Dumb & Dumber, Beautiful Girls), Tami Stronach (The Neverending Story), and Yuji Okumoto (Karate Kid II) rounding out a cast of Seattle independent filmmakers, our ultra low budget "Ultra Low" hopes to be a film to inspire filmmakers and artists everywhere who might be feeling a little low on hope as they quest towards their dream.

Director's Biography:

Nicholas was born in Seattle to Hungarian parents and quickly immersed himself in the world of motion pictures through the influence of his father, Örs Gyeney. Fueled by the premature loss of his father, Nicholas started diving deeper into movies, entering University of Southern California's prestigious film program, where, as a student, he began work on his first independent film.
Nicholas Gyeney
Nicholas Gyeney
Nicholas Gyeney
117 Minutes
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1/25/19 4:15pm at Cité des Arts
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