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Searching for the woman who stole his golden pocket watch, a time-obsessed office clerk gets locked inside a cubist labyrinth where he revisits three memories that make him reconsider his deepest traumas and obsessions.

Director's Biography:

Natalia Hermida is a visual artist and Colombian filmmaker. At 22, she’s the creative director and co-founder of the art collective COSMO Collective and the media production company H&G, working between Los Angeles and Colombia. Spicing her experiments with minimalist architecture, ancestral esotericism, surreal symbolism and about seven hundred cubic tons of tropical flavor, Natalia and her team create audiovisual narratives, art installations and virtual reality experiences inspired by the tradition of Latin American magical realism and fantastic realism.
Natalia Hermida
Natalia Hermida
Gia Rigoli
21 Minutes
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1/25/19 12:00pm at Cité des Arts
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