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Bertrand is a theatre actor in his fifties and is completely stressed out by his new play. Today he realizes the adult son he had before his late coming out, Antoine, needs him more than usual. On the Other Side of the Park is a charming comedy with some tragic undertones. By drawing on simple life moments, it explores different family dynamics and queer subjects in a light and affectionate way.

Cast: Bertrand Alain, Antoine Rivard-Nolin, Marie Charlebois, Natalie Hamel Roy, François Grisé, Pierre Charles Rochette

En ce jour où Bertrand, comédien de théâtre dans la cinquantaine, angoisse pour sa nouvelle pièce, il réalise qu'Antoine, son fils adulte qu'il a eu bien avant sa sortie du placard tardive, a besoin de sa présence plus qu’à l'habitude. Le fils se voit du même coup renouer avec le cercle d'amis comédiens de son père. S'ensuit pique-nique au crépuscule, danses extravagantes et le doux portrait d'un quotidien où on vit sans rancune et en toute sincérité.

French with English subtitles.

Film completion date: July 2018.

Director's Biography:

Émile Tremblay, a COTB alum, is a Montreal-based director, screenwriter and editor who graduated from the Mel-Hoppenheim School of Cinema in 2017. His student films THE INSOLENT and SHOOTING RANGES (which screened at COTB 2018) have been selected in several festivals. He just completed his latest short, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PARK, the light and funny portrait of a relationship between a gay theatre actor and his adult son.
Émile Tremblay
Émile Tremblay
Émile Tremblay
17 Minutes
Montreal, Canada
Watch the Trailer
1/25/19 6:00pm at Vermilionville
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