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In this award-winning film, Lili is nothing like her family: the sister is pathetic and the mother thinks her crazy. She will meet The Martian, a misfit teen. Together, they form a bond hatched from their imaginary worlds.

French with English subtitles.

Film completion date: March 2018.

Director's Biography:

Sandrine Béchade is a graduate of Concordia University (Montreal) in Film Production, and of L’INIS, The National Institute of Image and Sound, in Screenwriting. Sandrine first worked on numerous films and television series as an assistant camera operator. In 2018, she wrote and directed her first short fiction film since university, Ange & Ovni, in which she has combined the talents of young teenage actors with that of older more experienced professionals.
Sandrine Béchade
Sandrine Béchade
Serge Desrosiers
20 Minutes
Québec City, Canada
Watch the Trailer
1/25/19 6:00pm at Vermilionville
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