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In an environment where androids are met with hostility and outrage by human beings, the award-winning "Kill Al" tells the story of Femtel 216 and Femtel 303, two female synthetic beings confined to work in a sub-basement of an auditing firm. Each discovers their own humanity – one through art, the other through abuse and the aggressive emotions that follow thereafter. Their thirst for revenge, however, is restricted by internal directives that forbid them from harming or going against the will of humans.

Film completion date: October 2017.

Director's Biography:

Walter Brandes is a first-time film director as well as a first-time screenwriter.

As an actor, his work can be seen in The Americans, Daredevil, and Madam Secretary as well as numerous dream roles in independent theatre .

As a playwright, many of his plays have been produced in NYC. Upcoming is a production of his full length play The Akuhma Desert (a sequel to Kill Al)

Training: BFA - Avila University, MFA - University of South Carolina, Internship - The Shakespeare Theatre (DC).

Walter Brandes and Renée Stork
Walter Brandes
Walter Brandes, Christine Verleny
22 Minutes
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1/26/19 11:30am at Acadiana Center for the Arts (AcA)
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