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A soul rock and roll movie about love, talent, death and music. WHEN WE KILL THE CREATORS is the story of a singer’s improbable journey to reach her dreams, and when she does, the price she has paid.

The film stars Grammy Award-Winning singer-songwriter Shelby Lynne and also features Ally Walker and Tony Joe White. All original songs were written for the film by writer/director Cynthia Mort and Shelby Lynne.

Ms. Mort, Ms. Lynne and producer Jan O'Connell will attend the World Premiere screening of the film on the opening night of the Festival.


WHEN WE KILL THE CREATORS was shot in 15 days, on two Super 16 SR3 Arri Cameras, super fast Hawk Anamorphic and a 15-150 T1.9 Angenieux lens from the 70’s, all of which I own. We shot at Capitol Records, the Wiltern Theatre, 3 different clubs, a shut down Foreign Legion hall in Glendale, the streets of Hollywood as the sun came up, 3 different houses and a home recording studio. We did it all on a budget no one will believe--we pulled favors, we borrowed, we didn’t steal but came close, and EVERYONE who worked on this film was amazing, dedicated, crazy and talented.

All the performances in this movie were recorded live, and that is what you hear, live music, no filters, no filler, no pro tools-- just a singer’s beautiful, God given voice, full of emotion and joy and pain--backed by real instruments, notes played in the moment, as the song was unfolding.

All of us, actors, crew, assistants cared only about getting on film this cautionary tale--when we kill the creators we might as well tell the wind to stop . . . when we kill the creators all the beauty that surrounds us ends, we become workers moving door to door just picking up dust . . . when we kill the creators without malice or pre-determination, without really even knowing what we are doing, we become average.
Cynthia Mort
Cynthia Mort
Cynthia Mort, Jan O'Connell
94 Minutes
Watch the Trailer
1/22/20 6:30pm at Vermilionville
1/26/20 12:00pm at Acadiana Center for the Arts (AcA)
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