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In the myriad of neon-illuminated back alleys in the Nakameguro section of Tokyo is Hydra, a small bar run by Rina, an attractive and energetic young lady. Rina inherited the bar from her father who disappeared under mysterious circumstances three years earlier. Among Rina’s staff at Hydra is Takashi, the bar’s cook. To the other staffers - who poke fun of Takashi behind his back - he is standoffish and aloof. The thing is, the tough-as-nails Takashi has a secret. Since very young, he has trained for one purpose: to kill. Takashi belongs to a secret organization that eliminates those who pose a threat to society’s well being, ones the police and other law enforcement agencies are unable to touch. The highly skilled Takashi functions as their hit man.

Unknown to Rina, Takashi received his coaching in the ways of assassination from her father. Also unknown to Rina is that her father made Takashi promise to protect Rina at any cost as her dad lay dying in Takashi’s arms. To keep this promise, Takashi left the organization to work full time at Hydra. However, evil forces have been at work to destroy the organization. Following the brutal killing of his replacement, Takashi himself has been targeted, with Rina seen as the criminal group’s key to ridding themselves of Takashi and the vigilante group once and for all as they strive to unleash an unstoppable underworld syndicate the likes of which Japan has never seen.
Kensuke Sonomura
Jiro Kaneko
Masataka Yamada
77 Minutes
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1/25/20 7:15pm at Cité des Arts
1/26/20 2:00pm at Acadiana Cinemas' St. Landry Cinema
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