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Les fleurs oubliées (Forgotten Flowers) is a comedy directed by André Forcier. The film stars Roy Dupuis as Albert Payette, an agronomist who has lived in seclusion making mead since becoming disillusioned with his former career, but whose life is turned upside down when the late Brother Marie-Victorin Kirouac (Yves Jacques) returns to earth to enlist his help in an environmental campaign to take down his former employer Transgenia over its line of toxic pesticides.

Director André Forcier will attend the film screening.
André Forcier
Jean Boileau, André Forcier, Renaud Pinet-Forcier, Linda Pinet, François Pinet-Forcier
Louis Laverdière, Linda Pinet, Jean-François Roesler
102 Minutes
Montreal, Canada
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1/26/20 7:45pm at Acadiana Center for the Arts (AcA)
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