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Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival, celebrating its Tenth Anniversary, announces its official program selections for COTB 2015, including more than 100 films from around the world.  


In addition to the film screenings, the Festival will present workshops, expert panels, nightly parties, and live music performances, including Bas Clas, Isle Dernière, Michael Doucet and Friends and a host of other musicians from Nashville, Austin, Acadiana and New Orleans. More than 100 filmmakers and actors are expected to attend from Montreal, Toronto, Moncton, London, Italy, Brazil, New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Austin, Nashville, Chicago, Shreveport and New Orleans.  Information on films, events and ticket purchases will be posted in early January. 


Official Program selections include:


Catalyst, U.S.A. / 82 min, Louisiana Premiere

Tasmanian Tiger, U.S.A. / 81 min, Louisiana Premiere

Know How, U.S.A. / 106 min, Louisiana Premiere

The Age Of Reason, U.S.A, / 93 min, Louisiana Premiere

Our Life In Make Believe, U.S.A. / 96 min, Louisiana Premiere

A Standing Still, U.S.A. / 80 min, Louisiana Premiere

Last Spring Break, U.S.A, / 81 min.

Nocturne, Canada / 117 min, Louisiana Premiere

Sing The Blues, U.S.A. / 61 min, Louisiana Premiere

Flutter , U.S.A. (Texas) / 96 min, Louisiana Premiere



Samba & Jazz, Brazil / 90 min, Louisiana Premiere

N’Kisi Concorde, U.S.A. / 68 min, U.S. Premiere

Coming Back To The Hoop, U.S.A. / 84 min, Louisiana Premiere

Buffalo Nation: The Children Are Crying, U.S.A. / 100 min, Louisiana Premiere

Blood, Sweat and Beer, U.S.A. / 71 min, Louisiana Premiere

The Orphan Brigade - Soundtrack To A Ghost Story, U.S.A. / 77 min, World Premiere

We Won’t Bow Down, U.S.A. / 95 min

Nomad’s Land, France / 53 min, Southern U.S. Premiere

Zack and Addie, U.S.A. (Louisiana) / 75 min.

Rhéal Cormier-Toujours plus haut (Always Reach High), Canada (New Brunswick) / 51 min, U.S. Premiere

Québékoisie, Canada (Québec) / 80 min., Louisiana Premiere

Inseguire il vento (Chasing The Wind), Italy / 57 min, U.S. Premiere



One Armed Man, U.S.A. / 27:04 min, Louisiana Premiere

Cassandra, France / 14:17min

Room 618, U.S.A. (Louisiana) / 15:14 min

A Madárevö (The Birdeatress), Hungary / 10 min, Louisiana Premiere

Four Brothers, Or Three. Wait . . . Three, U.S.A. / 5 min, Louisiana Premiere

A Chess Player, U.S.A. /  23 min, Louisiana Premiere

Cairo Year Zero, Egypt/Greece /  22 min, Louisiana Premiere

The Space Station, U.S.A. (Arkansas)  /  29 min, World Premiere

Righteous, Canada /  11 min, Louisiana Premiere

Destiny Jones, U.S.A. / 16 min, Louisiana Premiere

Sponge, U.S.A. / 8:08 min, Louisiana Premiere

Somebody’s Darling, U.S.A. / 15 min, World Premiere

Ocean Pond, U.S.A. / 24 min, Louisiana Premiere

Breaking In, U.S.A. / 5 min, Louisiana Premiere

Rendez-Vous, U.S.A. (Louisiana) / 12:18 min

The Old Man And the Mountain Lion, U.S.A. / 29 min, Louisiana Premiere

Pigeon, New Zealand / 8 min, U.S. Premiere

Jimmy, Canada (Moncton) / 10 min, U.S. Premiere

Tumble Dry Low, U.S.A. (Texas)  / 7 min, Louisiana Premiere

Showtime, U.S.A. / 6 min, Louisiana Premiere

Lapsus, France / 30 min, Louisiana Premiere

The Pitch, U.S.A. / 24 min, Louisiana Premiere

Jachère (Fallow), Canada (Québec) / 17 min, U.S. Premiere              

Gate, Canada (Québec) / 10 min, U.S. Premiere

Tala, Canada (Québec) / 13 min, Louisiana Premiere

On The Proper Use Of Friendship, Canada(Québec) / 15 min, U.S. Premiere

I Am Not A Great Actor, Canada (Québec) / 20 min, U.S. Premiere

Condominium, Canada (Québec) / 7 min, U.S. Premiere

Swallowed, Canada (Québec) / 18 min, U.S. Premiere

Edges, Canada (Québec) / 16 min, U.S. Premiere

Epicentres, Canada (Québec) / 15 min, U.S. Premiere           

Zsofika, Canada (Québec) / 14:55 min, U.S. Premiere

Secret Agent Jones Takes A Lover, U.S.A. (Louisiana) / 15 min.

Loin (Away), Canada (Québec)  / 10:16 min, U.S. Premiere

Beneath Water, U.S.A. / 15 min, Louisiana Premiere

Love At First Sight, U.K. / 14 min, Louisiana Premiere

A Mile In These Hooves, Canada / 15:12 min, Louisiana Premiere

Gun, U.S.A. / 6:11 min, Louisiana Premiere

Home, U.S.A. / 11 min, Louisiana Premiere



The Curse and the Symphony, U.S.A. (Texas) / 19 min, Louisiana Premiere             

They Asked Nobody, Canada (Québec) / 10 min., U.S. Premiere

Close, Africa / 13 min, Louisiana Premiere

Dockery & Son, U.S.A. / 13 min, Louisiana Premiere

Everybody Wants To Be A Cajun, Canada (Québec)/U.S.A.  /  23 min.

Herd, Canada/U.S.A. / 11:47 min, Louisiana Premiere

The Soldier’s Journey, Canada (Québec) / 8 min, U.S. Premiere

The First Time, Canada (Québec) / 8 min, U.S. Premiere

Donald, Sucrier, Canada (Québec) / 22 min, U.S. Premiere

Pier (Le), Canada (Québec) / 30 min, U.S. Premiere

Textiles de Cordes, Canada (Québec) / 2 min, U.S. Premiere

Parallel North, Canada (Québec) / 7 min, U.S. Premiere

Sing Pedestrian Sing, Canada (Québec) / 5 min, U.S. Premiere

(Re)Trace, Canada (Québec) / 9 min., U.S. Premiere

Blockbusted, U.S.A. / 5:36 min, Louisiana Premiere



Esbark et le Roi Hot-Dog, Canada (Québec) / 5 min, U.S. Premiere

Lilly’s Big Day, Canada / 5 min, Louisiana Premiere

Coffee And A Bagel, U.S.A. / 5 min, Louisiana Premiere

Wandering, Canada (Québec) / 7 min, U.S. Premiere

Filmmaker (The), Canada (Québec) / 1 min, U.S. Premiere

Blue Marble (The), Canada (Québec) / 7 min, U.S. Premiere

Tiger, Canada (Québec) / 3 min, U.S. Premiere

1000 Plateaus, Canada (Québec) / 4 min, U.S. Premiere

The Well, Canada (Québec) / 12 min, U.S. Premiere.


     "A Reel Good Time." -- Garden and Gun Magazine

     "Among Top 15 Winter Film Festivals in the U.S. "  -- AudNews Magazine 


Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival will celebrate its tenth anniversary in a big way this coming year, presenting more than 100 films from around the world, including U.S., Louisiana and World premieres, at the annual five-day film festival beginning on Wednesday, January 21, 2015, through Sunday, January 25, 2015.
Over the last ten years, Cinema on the Bayou has built an international reputation as a filmmaker-friendly destination with large, enthusiastic crowds, and great food, music and fun.
Unique among film festivals in the United States, Cinema on the Bayou presents a wide range of French language films through partnerships with the National Film Board of Canada, the Office of the French Consul General in New Orleans, the French Embassy Office of Cultural Services in New York City, Montréal-based film distribution company, Vidéographe, and Withoutabox, the premier international film festival submission service.
In addition to the film screenings, the Festival will present workshops, expert panels, live music performances and social events at the following venues: Acadiana Center for the Arts, Vermilionville, Celebrity Theater Broussard, the Lafayette Parish South Regional Branch Library, and Pack and Paddle.  
Over 100 filmmakers and actors are expected to attend from around the world, including from Toronto, Montréal, Moncton, Brazil, Paris, New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Austin, Nashville, London, Chicago, Shreveport and New Orleans.  
A complete schedule of events will be posted in early January.


A REEL GOOD TIME.  That's how Garden and Gun Magazine described Cinema on the Bayou when it named us the Editors' Choice for "goings-on in the South & beyond" in January 2015. Describing our Cajun Country setting as a "stew of French, Spanish, and African influences," the Editors concluded that it was an ideal spot for Cinema on the Bayou, an international film festival "charged with exposing attendees to the most original vocies in film while fostering cultural exchange among the French-speaking peoples of the world."


THE TENTH ANNIVERSARY FESTIVAL, Jan. 21-25, 2015, will do just that.  We will screen more than 100 films -- world, U.S. and Louisiana premieres -- with fifty-plus filmmakers in town from, as the Editors put it, "as far afield as Canada and France, plus their U.S.-based brethren hailing from New Orleans to New York." And, of course, these film screenings will be laced with music, food and serious socializing, a Cinema on the Bayou tradition.


WATCH FOR FUTURE POSTINGS on the many wonderful films we will screen along with plenty of other goings-on that make Cinema on the Bayou "an introduction to Cajun and Creole culture worth much more than the price of admission."  Check us out in Garden and Gun Magazine.



Cinema On The Bayou has been named one of the Top 15 Winter Film Festivals in the U.S. by AudNews, an on-line news magazine for filmmakers and film lovers.  We are listed among such festivals as the Palm Springs International Film Festival, the Sundance Film Festival and the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.  The listing also includes festivals from Oklahoma, Montana, Oregon, Texas, Arizona, Colorado and Massachusetts.   We are proud to represent Louisiana and Lafayette among that number!  Check out all the listings at AudNews.

In closing ceremonies on Sunday, January 26, 2014, Artistic Director Pat Mire named the 9th COTB Film Festival winners of the "goujon caille" (spotted catfish) award, designed by Lafayette artist Pat Juneau and son, as follows:

Director's Choice Special Jury Award: SECRETARIAT'S JOCKEY, RON TURCOTTE (Canada); Special Jury Mention: THE NUMBERLYS (U.S.A./Louisiana).


Best Documentary Feature: THIS AIN'T NO MOUSE MUSIC (U.S.A.); Special Jury Mention: NIGHT LABOR (U.S.A.) and THE BLUES CONUNDRUM (U.S.A./Texas).


Best Documentary Short: CAN'T STOP THE WATER (U.S.A./Louisiana); Special Jury Mention: DES HOMMES A LA MER (Canada/Quebec).


Best Narrative Feature: VINO VERITAS (U.S.A.); Special Jury Mention: 45RPM (U.S.A./Arkansas).


Best Narrative Short: FILMSTRIPE (Canada/Quebec); Special Jury Mention: LE TRAIN BLEU (France) and L'ETAT DES LIEUX (Canada/Quebec).


Inspiration Award: ALLER-RETOUR (Canada/New Brunswick); Special Jury Mention: SUKI (Canada/Quebec).

Audience Award: THE NATURE OF FREDERIC BACK (Canada).


Congratulations to all!



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